Vision & Insight was a research project on comparative religion that was generously sponsored and guided with excellent expertise by Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, a Catholic priest  who passed away in January 2013 aged 89 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was the first and only Sri Lankan priest who was excommunicated by the Catholic Church because of the ‘heretical views’ expressed in his book ‘Mary and Human Liberation’. The founder and longstanding head of the Center for Society and Religion and famous liberation theologian was known well beyond the borders of Sri Lanka as a free thinker with boundless social and political engagement for the poor and disadvantaged. All who had the honour to spend some time with him during the last stage of his life were enchanted by the goodness of his heart that illuminated his little kingdom at Deans Road in Colombo 10.


Fr. Tissa Balasuriya – 2012 in Colombo

The project was coordinated by Rev. Nyanaviveka, a Buddhist monk from Germany with the experience of many years of solitary life and secluded meditation practice in the forests of Sri Lanka. The widely respected study included the major world religions with their mystical denominations. On the website you find a summary with the focus on the mystical traditions.

The main purpose of the work is to show how the various approaches of humanity to ultimate reality can become a source of understanding, unifying sincere seekers in a common experience of the divine dimension that overcomes the cultural, ethnic and scholastic differences and encourages the empty mind to settle beyond the concepts of the worthless book knowledge of the scribes.